Administration Panel


The BF Administration Panel is a visual tool to support the system administration, including, users and permissions maintanance, routes configuration and content managment.

To use this module you will need to have the bossanova database installed. More information you can check our article: From zero to BF with Bitnami (Database Installation)

To access this module you can use the URL, for example:

Users Administration

You can use this section of the administrative portal to manage the users from your application. It contains simple user information, but a very good start point since covers the major applications needs without no further development time.

The user will use this information to authenticate in the system, and the group defines which sections of the application he is allow to see as described below.


Permissions Administration

A group defines which restricted URLs the authenticated users in the group will have permission to see. The interface shows to the administrator all restricted URLs defined in the So, the administrator can decide those URLs an authenticated user can access or not.

Each permission can be defined in this section by:

Description: the name o the group;
Status: status of the group;
Hierarchy: importance of the group in the application;
Superuser: a user in the group superusers can have access to all sections;
Permissions: access condition to every single restricted URL entry; ($restriction defined on

Routes Administration

In this section, you can create and maintain advanced route configurationa. 

In the config you should define the URL which the configuration is applicable. If the HTML template will be rendered or not, which HTML template should be rendered and if this configuration should be applicable recursively. Also, clicking in more you can define the HTML tag destination for the main content.

In the render you should define all content you would like to add in your template as default. Basically, you have two options. Firstly you can add static contents



Nodes Administration