Bossanova PHP Framework

Productivity driven. Powerful, simple and flexible.

The PHP Framework for those doesn't have time to waste.

Powerful and fast
If you are tired of loads of in-memory useless declarations? It runs up to 6x faster than Laravel and 10x faster than ZF2
Simplicity is the key
Very simple structure, multi-language support, very flexible database abstraction support and very easy to learn.

Smart URL routing
BF brings several options of automatic routing so almost none to zero declarations would be necessary to run your application.

Integrated CMS
PHP Framework with some CMS integrated features, so you developers can integrate custom modules with simple content.
Pure Layout
No markups or PHP inline code in your HTML template. The BF identifies the correct container by the tag property id to delivery the contents.
SEO Friendly
Microdata schemas and meta data administration. It manages meta information by section, module or content requested.

RESTFul driven develoment
The BF implements several native methods to handle RESTful requests. It helps developers to delivery rich and interative interfaces.

Many other benefits
Security, login implementation, permissions, administrative module, content managment, social network plugins and much more.